Transportation System

Reliability at every stage - door to door.

Integrated Transportation System

Integrated Transportation System

A Fukuyama Transporting employee leaving his truck.

An integrated transportation system delivering reliability at every stage from door to door.

As market needs change, the freight industry must be a business that does more than merely carry parcels from one place to another. While it provides smooth, reliable, and precise delivery of our customers' precious cargo, Fukuyama Transporting leads the industry in shipping and handling operations, and information processing. The company has rationalised and substituted a wide range of logistics-related services, transforming itself from a 'delivery service' to an integrated logistics provider.

Now, the company is constructing a new logistics structure that will provide even greater precision and quality. It is an integrated logistics management information system deploying an extensive network and the latest information technology. The proprietary system allows Fukuyama Transporting to offer its customers new services far beyond those of a conventional logistics service.

Fast and Reliable Collection

When the customer's cargo pick-up request is received, the system detects the closest vehicle and issues an instruction via MCA radio, greatly reducing the customer's waiting time.

Packages being sorted in Fukuyama Transporting's factory.

Extensive Information Infrastructure

The company has terminals in about 400 locations throughout Japan. They are connected in real time to a global network through the company's overseas affiliates, so cargo entrusted to us can be delivered safely, promptly and smoothly. Status enquiries can be answered very quickly. The company is also adding a tracking device to its homepage, so customers can check directly at any time.

Use a computer to track your package from Fukuyama Transporting.

Deploying the Latest Technology in Integrated Logistics Information

Customers can connect to Fukuyama Transporting's on-line network and have 24-hour access to the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to track their delivery. The system reduces the client's administrative burden by unifying and rationalising the information needed for dispatch, delivery, sales or other purpose.

Automated Sorting Ahead Of Its Time

Fukuyama Transporting's automated sorting plays an indispensible role in operating a large distribution center. Automated sorting was originally conceived as a way to improve employee working conditions and smooth out work during peak periods, when the era of small volume diversified shipments dawned in 1971. The first system was installed at the Kitakysuhu branch in 1973. Since then, we have successively introduced automated sorting in our main distribution centers. With its newest system making it possible to process ever larger volumes of information ever more quickly, Fukuyama Transporting heralds the era of diversification in distribution.

Fukuyama Transporting's automatic sorting machine.

Automated sorting installed in 61 locations nationally

One after another, trucks return to the distribution center after picking up their loads. Each package carries the destination code already generated. The packages are unloaded, the operator inputs the destination code into the central system, and the packages are sorted by destination. All of Fukuyama Transporting's distribution centers in Japan operate automated sorting, making the whole process simpler, quicker and more accurate, while also greatly lightening the worker load.

The automated sorter at the Fukuyama Transporting branch uses a flexible layout that allows sorting to lines at random. Processing is far more efficient as a result.

Fukuyama Transporting's automatic weight measuring machine.

Automated volume weighing equipment installed at major distribution centers

The latest high-speed, high volume automated weighing machines are installed at Fukuyama Transporting's major distribution centers. Lifestyle changes during the 1990s dramatically changed the structure of distribution. Distribution centers had to adjust to shipping smaller volume lots made up of multiple products, higher speed, computer-generated order systems, and just-in-time delivery. Fukuyama Transporting has constantly met these challenges by continuously raising its processing ability. Its state-of-the-art automated volume weighing machines are equipped with automated sorting, and are installed at Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and other main distribution centers.