Financial Year 2021

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Summary by Department

Consolidated Financial Year 2021

By expanding terminals with warehousing functions and 3PL distribution centers, we have been engaged in increasing the volume of freight transportation by promoting integrated transportation services to be entrusted with customers' logistics. In December, we concluded an agreement with Itoshima City (Fukuoka Prefecture) regarding the shipment of goods in the event of a disaster, and we have been working to contribute to the creation of a safe and secure society which is one of the basic policies of our medium-term management plan.

Transportation Business

In the transportation business, we have opened Fukui Echizen Office (Fukui Prefecture) in April, Fukuoka Itoshima Office (Fukuoka Prefecture) and Hiroshima Kanon Branch (Hiroshima Prefecture) in December, and have endeavored to develop pickup and delivery bases to improve transportation quality.
Then, we proceeded to expand routes for 25-meter double-connected trucks and started the loading passengers using the Meihan Express "Urban Liner" and night express buses. Also, we have been working to increase the efficiency and diversification of trunk line transportation by extending the Fukuyama Rail Express, a dedicated block train, as well as addressing labor shortages and environmental burdens.

Distribution Processing Business

In the distribution processing business, in order to meet diversifying customer needs, the Company opened the Fukuoka Airport Distribution Center (Fukuoka Prefecture), which specializes in distribution processing operations in December to expand storage functions, and improve the utilization rate of existing facilities.

International Business

In the international business, the business remained steady due to soaring ocean freight rates caused by disruptions in marine transportation, increased demand in overseas truck transportation, and a recovery of import cargo in some industries.

Other Businesses

In other businesses, each segment remained slow due to intermittent activity restrictions caused by the declaration of a state of emergency and other factors. The "Accounting Standard for Revenue Recognition" and other related standards have been applied to net sales from the current fiscal year.

Future prospects

The future prospects would continue to be uncertain due to concerns about the re-spread of new coronavirus infections as well as continued high resource prices because of the impact of the international situation, which restrains the recovery of corporate performance and personal consumption.
In the freight vehicle transportation industry, in addition to chronic shortage of labor and the upper limit of overtime work, there are various issues to be addressed such as environmental problems and safety measures. Still severe business environment is concerned with various issues.
Under these circumstances, our Group will continue to strive improving transportation quality and productivity in inter-company logistics. We also further improve efficiency by diversifying transportation modes as well as the promotion for environment-conscious management such as the utilization of 25-meter double-connected trucks, dedicated block trains, and long-distance ferries.