Code of Conduct

Following ten principles in full awareness of social norms.

Business Operations

Code of Conduct

A Fukuyama Transporting employee wearing a yellow uniform.

The directors and the employees of the Fukuyama Transporting group companies are as one in sincerely following the 10 principles of the Code of Conduct in full awareness of social norms, and to behave in accordance with a widely respected and trusted corporate citizen.

Business Operations

10 Principles

  •  1 

    To comply with the law and with internal regulations, and to conduct business fairly following the purpose for which the law or regulation was intended.

  •  2 

    To develop and provide socially beneficial general logistics services, giving due consideration to safe and reliable delivery, earning customer satisfaction and trust.

  •  3 

    To conduct business with fairness, transparency and in free competition, and to be clean in our relations with government and administrative bodies.

  •  4 

    To communicate vigorously beyond stakeholders (customers, investors and interested parties), providing information to society at large about the company openly and fairly.

  •  5 

    To recognise the importance of confidential information made known to it in the course of its business, and endeavour to preserve confidentiality. The company also recognises the importance and utility of intellectual property in its possession, which it strives to protect and create, while similarly respecting the intellectual property of third parties, which it will not infringe or inappropriately use.

  •  6 

    To be mindful of its social obligation to confront environmental issues, and to commit vigorously and voluntarily to environmental protection initiatives.

  •  7 

    As a good corporate citizen, to be vigorously engaged in initiatives that benefit society.

  •  8 

    To create a safe and comfortable working environment for employees, and to respect its employees as individuals.

  •  9 

    Steadfastly to reject any involvement with criminal associations or groups which threaten social cohesion.

  • 10

    In overseas operations, to respect the customs and cultures of the host country and to contribute to local development.