President's Message

Change, Challenge and Connect.

President's Message

Message From President & C.E.O. Shigehiro Komaru

At Fukuyama Transporting, our management philosophy of applying tireless innovation and ingenuity to expanding the frontiers of the distribution industry has enabled us to respond to the diversifying needs of customers in line with changing times. It is our constant endeavor to offer transport services that are courteous, polite, and swift. We will continue to strive to be a respected company that is trusted by customers as their first choice.

All of our employees are working as a single team to promote improvements in the quality of transport, and we are constantly striving as a Group to discover the new needs of our customers and offer them services that will make them happy. This includes further upgrading our sales networks and expanding our international distribution services.

To fulfill our corporate social responsibility, we at Fukuyama Transporting comply rigorously with legislation and have taken up the issue of preventing all types of accidents, particularly traffic accidents, giving safety top priority in our business activities. We are also improving the efficiency of travel operations and working to cut CO2 emissions, with the aim of achieving environmentally friendly transport.

In this way, the Fukuyama Transporting Group has already taken its first steps along the road to the future. As we continue to coexist with the global community, we will strive both to create a safe, prosperous society and to preserve the global environment, with the objective of sustainable growth.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

Shigehiro Komaru

President & C.E.O.