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Fukuyama Transporting Business Divisions

Fukuyama Transporting is a leader in the business to business total logistics industry in Japan and Asia.

Fukuyama Transporting's newest 25m truck.

Transportation Business

Our Transportation Business division is a comprehensive business-to- business provider of freight transport in all modalities: ground, rail, air and sea. In addition to our fleet of nearly 16,000 vehicles, including our new 25 meter trucks, the Fukuyama Rail Express is our dedicated railway line exclusively for our containers, operating between Tokyo, Okayama, Nagoya and Fukuyama. The equivalent of 160 truckloads can be carried in 4 trains, reducing CO2 emissions by 48,000 tons in a year.

Fukuyama Transporting's packages in a warehouse.

Distribution and Processing Business

The Distribution and Processing Business division consists of warehousing, logistics, and processing services. We have over 400 sales and distribution branches throughout Japan and nearly 20,000 employees dedicated to insure efficient transportation, distribution and processing services to our customers.

International Business

Our International Business division includes customs clearance and international shipping services. Currently, we are continuing to expand operations into South-East Asia and eventually to the West. Our current international locations are throughout China, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand. View our overseas locations.

Other Businesses

Under other businesses, the company operates real estate rental, products sales, restaurant and convenience store operation, insurance agency, travel agency, security, staffing, bowling center operation, and automobile maintenance services.


Corporate Responsibility

Fukuyama Transporting helping our roads clean.

Smart expansion within Japan and on a global scale is part of our initiative moving forward into 2020. In addition to our vision for increased business development, we place the highest priority on our corporate responsibility activities to giving back to the community. Within Japan, we conduct regular traffic safety educational campaigns, contribute to youth music and arts promotion and participate regularly in community environmental and other activities. We have two active foundations dedicated to bettering the community both within Japan and globally.