Safety Measures

Fukuyama Transporting is committed to keeping our roads safe.

Safety Measures

Safety at every step of the journey

Safety and peace of mind in what we do at every stage in the distribution process.

Driver safety management

A rigorous program of education and certification for new drivers. Main contents of training:

  • Essentials of safe truck driving
  • Special characteristics of the truck construction and daily inspection
  • Factors in accident prevention
  • Anticipating and avoiding danger
  • Safe driving techniques

Use of driver recording devices

The company is proceeding to install video and voice driver recording devices. They contribute greatly to everyday safety education by making drivers aware of their own habits, as well as helping to ascertain the cause in the unlikely event of an accident.

Blanket safety inspections

The company carries out regular blanket checks in all regions throughout the country on night drivers' safety awareness and their vehicle conditions. The main items checked are tires (air pressure) and oil change.

Pictured: Drive Recorder

Pictured: Group Training

Safety Measures

Recognised Standards In Traffic Safety

ISO39001 (Road Transport Safety Management System)

The company's road traffic safety measures have satisfied all international standards.

G Mark (Excellence in Operational Safety)

G Mark is certified by the Japan Trucking Association for excellence in operational safety.

Number of sales offices certified within Fukuyama Transporting Group:
349 Sales Offices (As of March 31st, 2018)

Safety Measures

Encouraging traffic safety for the local people

We host annual traffic safety lectures and other activities encouraging traffic awareness so that the local residents could live safely.

Traffic safety lectures at Elementary Schools

In order to encourage the safety of our nation's children, we host traffic safety classes at local elementary schools that involve our corporate trucks and bicycles.

Calling upon traffic safety awareness in the streets

Our staff takes the movement onto the streets to call upon traffic safety to drivers idle at stoplights, commuting students and workers, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

Pictured: Warning of areas with potential dangers within the neighborhood.

Pictured: Calling upon caution and safety to automobile drivers.