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Implementation of traffic safety on the streets for an gaccident-free (Jiko Nashi) campaignh

This was the fourth time of 'accident-free (Jiko Nashi) Campaign' held in Osaka Prefecture.

September 21th, 2021    Fukuyama Transporting Co., LTD. (Head Office: Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, President: Shigehiro Komaru) and the Komaru Koutsu Foundation (Chief Director: Shigehiro Komaru), jointly with the Fukushima Police Station in Osaka Prefecture and the Fukushima Traffic Safety Association, held a traffic safety street activity called the " accident-free (Jiko Nashi) Campaign" on September 21 at the square in front of Noda Hanshin Station in Osaka City as part of the "Autumn National Traffic Safety Campaignh. This was the fourth time of " accident-free (Jiko Nashi) Campaignh held in Osaka Prefecture.

The purpose of the "National Traffic Safety Campaign for Autumn" is to spread the idea of traffic safety widely among the people, to instill the habit of observing traffic rules and practicing proper traffic manners, and to thoroughly prevent traffic accidents. Nashi has a double meaning that are gNashi Pearh and geliminateh in Japanese. It is a creative way to eliminate traffic accidents with the distribution of Nashi pears.

In the street activities this time, 120 Nashi pears were distributed to commuters, along with leaflets to prevent traffic accidents, with the hope of "no traffic accidents.

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