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Launch of "25-meter Double-Articulated (Connected) Trucks" on New Routes

It will start operating a new route today using a "25-meter double articulated truck" between Nagoya Branch (Kitanagoya City, Aichi Prefecture) and Iruma Branch (Iruma City, Saitama Prefecture).

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Implementation of Workplace Vaccination program for New Coronavirus

We will continue to ensure the safety and health of our customers and employees, and contribute to the early control of the new coronavirus infection.

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Completion Ceremony for Suzaki Sales Office

The office and terminal have been renovated to create a more comfortable working environment.

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The 7th Japanese Composition Speech Contest in Shanghai, China

65 people from seven universities applied for the contest, and seven excellent candidates from the preliminary screening gave speeches on the theme of "traffic".

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The groundbreaking ceremony for "Fukuoka Itoshima Sales Office (tentative name)

The sales area is planned to be Itoshima City and Nishi-ku, Fukuoka City.

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Implementation of Traffic Safety class

They could learn about the traffic accident prevention at intersections and pedestrian crossings.

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The 4th Japanese Composition Speech Contest in Vietnam

This was the first remote event to be held between Japan and Vietnam in the midst of the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

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About the opening of Fukui Echizen Distribution Center

Distribution Center is located about 5 minutes by car from the Hokuriku Expressway "Sabae IC" which is the third Distribution Center in Fukui Prefecture.

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Announcement of the appointment as Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Lithuania in Fukuyama

Fukuyama Transporting has entered into a business alliance with HOPTRANS, a logistics company headquartered in Lithuania, on August 12, 2018.

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The 15th Japanese Composition Speech Contest in Beijing, China

This was the first remote event to connect Japan and Beijing, China, amid the spread of new coronavirus infections.

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Fukuyama Transporting Co., Ltd. launches a dedicated block train "Fukuyama Rail Express"on the Tokaido Line and Tohoku Main Line

A departure ceremony was held at Ajikawaguchi Station on March 22nd.

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The support fund for measures against new coronavirus infection

In order to reward the daily efforts of our employees, we will provide all employees (about 18,000 people) "new coronavirus infection control support fund" of 30,000 yen per person.

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