ISO 14001

Registration Date 13/Oct/2000
Name of organization Fukuyama Transporting Co.,Ltd.
Headquarter automobile repair shop and division of the vehicle administration myojin section

1-10-2,Myojin-cho,Fukuyama- city,Hiroshima 721-8555,Japan
Approval Standards ISO 14001:2004 / JIS Q14001:2004
Defined site subject to certification Automobile maintenance and repairs, manufacturing of the automobile parts, and general administration of the vehicle in all registerd organization
Approval Certificate NO EC00J0107

ISO 39001

Registration Date 2/Nov/2012
Name of organization Fukuyama Transporting Co.,Ltd.
3-6-15,Etchujima,Koto-ku,Tokyo 135-0044,Japan
Approval Standards ISO 39001:2012
Scope Land freight transport services
Approval Certificate NO JQA-RT0009