Activities Overview

Fukuyama Transporting aims to provide safety
and peace of mind to the community.

Corporate Social Responsibility


Fukuyama Transporting pursues a program of CSR activities to achieve its mission of being a company that earns the trust of all its stakeholders for safety and peace of mind, promotion of environmental protection, the creation of a global society, and economic development.

Fukuyama Transporting feels a deep responsibility and sense of mission to provide safety and peace of mind to the community. The company’s social activities include:

Fukuyama Transporting invited the NHK Symphony Orchestra to perform live music.

Inspiration Through Music

Annually, Shibuya Ikueikai also invites the entire NHK Symphony Orchestra to Fukuyama City to perform for 1,200 students and 800 locals, with the hopes of children having a chance to expand their dreams and become inspired by live music.

Foundation Work

Fukuyama Transporting runs the foundations Shibuya Ikueikai and the Komaru-Koutsu Foundation. It supports out-of-school children by giving them a stable place of study, with fully trained teachers and the curriculum that is approved by the Japanese board of education.

Fukuyama Transporting attending a Japanese Speech Contest.

Japanese Speech Contest

Through partnership with Hiroshima University, Japanese speech contests are held in various parts of Asia with the topic of "traffic safety" for traffic safety awareness and cultural exchange.

Fukuyama Transporting teaching children traffic safety, as part of it's CSR mission.

Educating the New Generation

Fukuyama Transporting educates the youth in the importance of traffic safety, holding countless numbers of safety challenges and activities.