Financial Year 2020

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Summary by Department

Consolidated Financial Year 2020

As work style reforms that correspond to new lifestyles have become a social issue, we have submitted a report the new fare "2020 fare" with reference to "Standard fare" set by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism for the purpose of improving the treatment of drivers in order to not only strengthen the compliance system but also address to labor shortages.
On the other hand, we have made efforts to improve the efficiency of operations by promoting EDI, strive to collect appropriate fares and charges based on correct weighing and measurement of luggage, also have worked to further improve productivity in-house.

Transportation Business

In the transportation business, we have opened the Maebashi branch (Gunma prefecture) in June and have endeavored to establish a collection and delivery base to improve transportation quality.
In December, along with the renewal of the Hiroshima branch, we installed a high-speed automatic sorting device equipped with an automatic weighing and measuring function in order to save labor and carry out correct weighing and measurement of luggage.
In addition, in March 2021, a "25m-long double-connected truck" that can transport about two ordinary heavy-duty trucks with one unit started the third operation between the Fukuyama branch (Hiroshima prefecture) and the Fukuoka distribution center (Fukuoka prefecture) that improves the efficiency of trunk transportation. The Fukuyama Rail Express, a dedicated block train for the fourth round trip between Ajikawaguchi Station (Osaka Prefecture) and Morioka Freight Terminal Station (Iwate Prefecture) also started operation. Thus, We have been actively working to reduce the burden on the global environment by reducing CO2 emissions and to improve the working environment for drivers.

Distribution Processing Business

In the distribution processing business, in addition to striving to improve the occupancy rate of existing facilities, we have endeavored to secure income and improve its balance payments with the fare revision by utilizing the storage facilities of the Hamamatsu Nishi Sales Office, Ichinomiya Branch and Maebashi Branch, which were opened last year.

International Business

In the international business, the profits for sales of the forwarding business and customs clearance business has increased due to raising sea freight rates from the turmoil in sea transportation and increasing the number of imports by specific shippers. On the other hand, due to the impact of lockdown in areas where cross-border truck transportation is carried out, the international transportation business and sales had declined.

Other Businesses

In other businesses, we had a substantial decrease in our income due to the impact of two times of state of emergency for new coronavirus infection on the travel industry and bowling alley operations.

Future prospects

The future prospects would continue to be uncertain although vaccination against the new coronavirus infection has progressed worldwide. It is considered that the economic situation before the spread of the infection will be hardly recovered.
In the freight vehicle transportation industry, in addition to chronic shortage of labor and the upper limit of overtime work, there are various issues to be addressed such as environmental problems and safety measures. Still severe business environment is concerned with various issues.
Under these circumstances, our Group will continue to strive to improve transportation quality and productivity in inter-company logistics, and promote environment-conscious management such as the utilization of double-connected trucks, dedicated block trains, and long-distance ferries.