Third Mid-Term Plan

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Third Mid-Term Plan

Fukuyama Transporting has launched two mid-term plans since FY2008 with the intention of strengthening the group's fundamentals. However, some of the targets identified have proven extremely difficult to attain in the prevailing severe business climate affecting the distribution industry. The industry faces the substantial challenges of driver shortage and high fuel prices, together with the costs involved in disaster preparedness. To achieve sustainable growth in these circumstances, the company launched its third mid-term business plan, aptly named Challenge, Change, and Connect, reflecting on the experience of the earlier plans and implementing the findings.

We believe that enhancing our corporate value cannot be achieved only by strengthening our management structure and improving our earnings performance. The satisfaction of all our stakeholders is also indispensible, and we have introduced four distinct policies to increase stakeholder engagement.

Performance objectives for FY2017 (Business plan for 2015-2017)


¥300 bn.

Operating Margin


Return on Equity


Debt to Equity Ratio

Below 50%

Four Distinct Policies For Stakeholder Engagement

  1. Provide a safe and reliable distribution service to raise customer satisfaction

  2. Create a stable working environment to increase employee engagement

  3. Enhance our corporate value to achieve higher shareholder satisfaction

  4. Implement our CSR activities to gain society’s engagement.