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  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Bringing safety and peace of mind to the community.

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  • 25 Meter Trailer Trucks

    The first in Japan to begin using new state of the art 25 meter trucks.

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About Us


Efficient Delivery

Because of the size of our fleet and our consolidation points, our journeys are more direct, and our operation more efficient.

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Updated Technology

We incorporate an integrated logistics management information system deploying an extensive network and the latest information technology.

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Environment Friendly

We conduct rigorous instruction and training for new and experienced drivers throughout the company on all aspects of eco-driving.

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Fukuyama Transporting holds traffic safety classes for children

Fukuyama Transporting held a traffic safety class for 90 children on October 30th.

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Innovative 25m Trucks to Meet Changing Demands

Logistics giant Fukuyama Transporting is among the first companies to introduce new-generation 25m trucks to meet labor shortages and improve environmental performance.

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A Taste of Safety

Logistics giant Fukuyama Transporting 'pear' up with Tokyo Metropolitan police force to promote traffic safety.

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