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Efficient Delivery

Because of the size of our fleet and our consolidation points, our journeys are more direct, and our operation more efficient.

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Updated Technology

We incorporate an integrated logistics management information system deploying an extensive network and the latest information technology.

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Environment Friendly

We conduct rigorous instruction and training for new and experienced drivers throughout the company on all aspects of eco-driving.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Fukuyama Transporting pursues a program of CSR activities to achieve its mission of being a company that earns the trust of all its stakeholders for safety and peace of mind, promotion of environmental protection, the creation of a global society, and economic development.

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News & Press Releases


Implementation of Traffic Safety Classes, Sumiyoshi Junior High School

The students learn about risk prediction in a discussion format using video footage from a drive recorder.

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Implementation of Traffic Safety Classes, Chiyo Junior High School

The students learned about preventing traffic accidents at intersections and crosswalks by experiencing the characteristics and dangers of trucks using actual trucks.

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Launch of "25-meter Double-Articulated (Connected) Trucks" on New Routes

It will start operating a new route today using a "25-meter double articulated truck" between Nagoya Branch (Kitanagoya City, Aichi Prefecture) and Iruma Branch (Iruma City, Saitama Prefecture).

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